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improving on your craft

There is nothing in life that can’t be improved upon. Look all around you, everything you touch was born into the universe completely different. Looking just at the things on my desk I see water bottles, computer scanners, monitors, laptops, nail polish, 4 cell phones (4!), even my lamp, have all been born as an […]

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And today we launch!

I can think of no better day than my birthday to let everyone out there know about Three Chairs Studio. It is in fact my baby and I am happy to share my birthday with it. This is a work in progress, bound to change over time, but I’m so excited about the future. Three Chairs […]

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peeking my head out over my towering to-do list

Three Chairs Studio is learning the difficult task of work life balance. After I finally got my facebook page going, I started a twitter  and when  I looked at this blog/website I thought of all it could become if only I gave it 1/5 of the attention I give my pinterest, instagram or words with […]

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